A Hardcore Math-Edutainment Roguelike where you play as a processor of a massive AI. Survive 20 procedurally generated questions under a strict, frantic time-limit to become a core part of the hardware and guide the AI's future. The game begins with simple addition problems, but as time goes on each problem gets more and more complicated, with division, square roots, and even integrals added to the mix as the game progresses. To try again after getting a fatal error, just refresh the page.

This game was created for the UC Davis Game Development and Arts Club Game Jam, with the theme of "layers," over about 2 days. It was originally inspired by the idea of CRT television screens, as well as moving up the layers of math, although the scanline screen implemented ended up causing the text to be somewhat dark and tough to read at the harsh pace required. Nonetheless, it remains as an optional feature of the game that is activated whenever the player presses "c" on their keyboard.


Math Module 1.2 Release.exe 35 MB


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Finally beat it! Had extra chances at the end so I picked "Help the misfortunate", was not expecting that to work XD

Interesting game. A small bug: one of the equations I got was literally "75 / 0 + 4". I thought I was being smart by answering "nan", but sadly the game wouldn't have it :(.

I thought I got all of the division by zero errors, but it seems I missed one. I'll push an update, thanks for letting me know!

"Square root of" instruction should probably use different language, get the AI to prompt you "No, I meant the other one" (or similar), or add parentheses. Currently the language used is ambiguous (e.g. "The square root of 15 + 9" could mean 15^(1/2)+9 or (15+9)^(1/2) ), which seems a little out of place given the theme (though I know you can figure out it's set to always be the latter via process of elimination).

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Thanks for the feedback, I pushed an update that specifies things with parentheses.